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What to See
flower bullet Temples The most sacred place of Surendrapuri is on the northeast, where one can find the temple complex. The main door of the Panchamukha Hanumadeeswara and Venkateswara Devasthanam is carved with the figures of the main presiding deities with all beauty, grandeur and splendor.
flower bullet Kunda Satyanarayana Kaladhamam Kunda Satyanarayana kala Dhamam is created as a centre of artistic, sculptural excellence and an abode of all divine worlds. It bestows upon the visitors the boon of vision of all Gods and the wonderful sculptures make them recollect the skills of the creator.
flower bullet Naga Koti The nagakoteswara viswaroopa  is built as if Lord Siva himself descended on to his holy land from kailasa to free the devotees from all the doshas and appeared before the devotees in the form of  graceful encircled by kalasarpa (Big Snake).
flower bullet Navagraha For the first time in the world, nine separate temples are built for the Navagrahas (9 planets), the presiding and corresponding deities along with their divine consorts and vahanas.
flower bullet Hanuman Shiva Statue The moment one enters the abode of the Surendrapuri, one gets the darshan of the 60’ feet Panchamukha Hanuman on the front elevation and the Panchamukha Shiva at its back as a great architectural splendor.

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